Episode # 11 - Halloween Havoc Pt 1

a year ago

Halloween Havoc Pt 1

Finally! The Halloween season is upon us! Join the Bladejob boys as they dive deep into the WCW archives and cover the bloodiest matches to ever take place at Halloween Havoc. First up, they start a little silly with the Chamber of Horrors from Havoc '91... but don't worry Cactus Jack still ends up walking out with a crimson mask on and Abdullah the Butcher really gets the shock of a life time! Next up is Havoc '99 and a good ol'fashion strap match between Diamond Dallas Page and Ric Flair. So... you how this is gunna go down. Ric Flair. Bleached blonde hair. Turns completely blood red by the end of the match.

At the end of the episode the guys go through some of their favorite horror movies that came out recently, so if you've been looking for something to get you prepped for Halloween check out these recommendations!

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