The New York Ripper

5 months ago

We're back with our first episode of the new year, and we're covering the extremely controversial Fulci flick, The New York Ripper. Part slasher, part giallo, and 100% sleaze and grime. This is easily the most disturbing movie we've covered, so seek this one out at your own risk! On the show we do a deep dive into the several different versions of the film including the R rated Vidmark VHS cut, as well as the X rated Blue Underground restoration, which is the version we watched in preparation for this episode. While this movie has some really great style and extremely gruesome special effects, the dialog and overall tone is extremely misogynistic. That on top of the incredibly depressing ending and lack of sympathetic characters makes this the most difficult movie we've covered thus far.

New York Ripper trailer (Extremely NSFW!!!)

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